Artprimo x Then One

Here’s a throwback, thanks to the good folks over at Art-Primo and The Element Tree for getting the wall and supplies together for this wall painted with Ser at Under the Bridge skatepark in Bayonne, NJ.

Aqueduct Murals

Above is a random collection of photos from the Aqueduct Murals project, enjoy!


Rooster Wall

ELEMENT TREE / ART PRIMO Present: “For The City By The City” from SERRINGE on Vimeo.

Heres a new wall we just finished for a project titled “For The City By The City” In downtown Jersey City as part of the artist studio tour. The building is a landmark of sorts to Jersey City being that the neighborhood housed many Puerto Rican families. This specific structure is a Puerto Rican social club that has been in place for 30 years, as a tribute to the owner and his heritage we painted a fighting rooster symbolic of the struggle of Puerto Rican immigrants making a life in the United States. It symbolizes the fight to survive as an individual and a race.

Then One x Distort

Recently teamed up with street beast Distort to paint a wall in Jersey City, NJ. The concept of the wall stems from the idea that as children of the street we’ve learned most of our way through the struggle of survival. In a sense this is the way of the wolf, an animal that has such a lone existence yet travels and hunts in packs survival is it’s only way. This reflects the life of a graffiti artist, the struggle to succeed the constant searching, in the process we realize we have to do what we have to just to stay above the water line. In this we’ve discovered that there are nearly no free passes in life we have to take what we want, thus the verbage on the wall we painted “No Mercy In The Heart Of A Wolf”

Thanks to Montana Black, Hudson County Art Supply, Distort, Mr.Mustart and last but not least Serringe of Element Tree for filming and editing and all the hard work he’s put in for us as artists!

Abundance Astray

The exhibit Explores recurring characters and motifs in a multitude of thematic works Curated by Michelle Mumoli Featuring works by: Then One, Gigi Chen and Rochelle Fox

Opening Reception: Saturday May 18th 2013, 6-10pm | Exhibit runs through June 13, 2013

Index Art Center: 585 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

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Sumei Art Center

Philadelphia Inquirer

WP Gallery Photos

Here are photos from the work I created for my solo exhibition at WP Gallery in Philadelphia, PA

Made a floor!

Solo Exhibition Opening Night Video