New Drawings

New Drawings

8.5″ x 11″ ink and spray paint on paper

New Painting

CREATION: Acrylic & spray paint on wood  30″ x 45″ The painting “Creation” was painted for a project involving Canarsie High School in Brooklyn, NY. This painting along with other paintings made by artists such as Morning Breath, Michael DiFeo, Leon Reid IV, Too Fly and more are going to be on display at the […]

So I check my daily websites as I do every day and BLAM! has a little something on yours truly. THANKS NICK!!!!!!!!

Paintings for The Benefit Show

So a few weeks back there was an art show that I took part in in which I donated 5 pieces of artwork. The show was a fundraiser to raise money for an individual that is in need of financial support for their current cancer treatment. There were a large number of artists that came […]

Mr Afternoon photography

Recently received an email from photographer Mr.Afternoon who sent some photos of his new project that he finished featuring my paintings. Thanks Mr.Afternoon!

Element-Tree: IMMORTALIZED vol.3

The 3rd edition of an ongoing series titled Immortalized featuring works from various artists and backgrounds documented on film. This series is to show how the process of creating art varies from artists to artist. Below is volume 3 featuring artist Then One. Enjoy!